Become a Business Owner

Do you have an entrepreneurial idea that utilizes existing assets in our ECosystem, an established adjacent enterprise, or are you interested in a traditional Entrepreneurs Club position? You can reach out to us at any time.

We want to shape our joint growth in a sustainable manner by partnering with dynamic individuals who share our convictions, enjoy entrepreneurship as much as we do, and are as enthusiastic about entrepreneurship as we are!

We describe five levels within the Entrepreneurs Club Team, each of which reflects a different level of professional experience, but most importantly, individual personality growth. At our business, each job or role is assigned a single level.

Claim House all Neighborhoods

It is theoretically possible to begin at any stage. At the entry level, beginning as a dual student or working student, we work with entrepreneurs to create joint services directly at the executive or entrepreneur level, which we can also spin off into our own companies if they succeed in the market.

Regardless of the stage at which you enter us, with the right talent, determination, will, perseverance, and the right set of values, you can become an entrepreneur yourself and acquire shares in a business that has developed itself successfully in the market and that you played a critical role in developing as an Entrepreneur in Residence as the Entrepreneurs Club's responsibly supervised operation.

We hold semi-annual consultation sessions with our employees to ascertain their current status. Every case focuses on three of the Entrepreneurs Club's personal development statements. We assess individual performance objectives against objective benchmarks and establish new targets for the next review period. In summary, a 9-box grid is used to address with the manager the individual capacity that has been expended and that remains untapped in the respective role.

We fill open vacancies either from our own applicant pool through the service or through LinkedIn's Career in the Family Business service.

Claim House Level V 

As a boss, you've demonstrated the ability to lead your business unit and team using quantitative entrepreneurial rules and control systems. The business unit is well-established and profitable in the marketplace. The size and consistency of the turnover justify the establishment of an own company and the outsourcing of operation to this NewCo. The terms LLC or INC, labor law, and so on are no longer unfamiliar. One is aware of when and how to declare sales tax, as well as the employer's liability insurance association's criteria. Accounting, BWAs, and P&Ls are all instruments that are used on a regular basis.

You have a business idea and the unwavering determination to make it a reality. One is prepared to make the transition from pure opportunities in a job to opportunities and risks as an entrepreneur. You've grasped the Entrepreneurs Club Mindset and are instilling it in your staff on a daily basis.

Now, as a Level V Entrepreneur, you will become a managing partner in a business of which you and the Entrepreneurs Club own company shares.

Are you interested in collaborating if you have an established company or an ambitious business concept focused on the ECosystem's existing assets?

Please get in touch with us.

Executive Claim House Level IV 

In Level IV, the focus is on improving the effectiveness, reliability, and consistency of one's own work processes. Assumption of duty has become second nature, both in terms of revenue and in terms of providing customers with qualitatively impeccable service.

Assuming personnel responsibility and, as a result, teaching and managing one's own staff, has become a new source of responsibility and challenge. The foundation for effective management of one's own business unit under consideration of objective key figures and performance goals is entrepreneurial awareness, intrinsic motivation, and an own 'Best in Class' argument.

A mature personality has a conciliatory internal and external presence, as well as a passion for the Entrepreneurs Club topics. It goes without saying that you serve as a role model for and inspire your junior coworkers.

Manager (m/f/d) is an exemplary job.